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01527 875197 
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Office Cleaning Wolverhampton
Office Cleaning Wolverhampton
Office Cleaning Wolverhampton

Office and Commercial Cleaning In Wolverhampton

by cleanoffice.co.uk

01527 875197
01527 875197 
Office & Commercial Cleaning company in Wolverhampton

We are a Trusted, Reliable and Professional Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Company. Providing services to businesses and organisations in Wolverhampton, Bilston, and surrounding areas.


We specialise in general office cleaning, healthcare sector cleaning, communal building cleaning, school cleaning, motor dealership cleaning and carpet cleaning in the Wolverhampton area.

How much can i expect to pay for cleaning services in Wolverhampton?
  • We aim to provide the most cost effective services possible.

  • Our charges range from between £12.00-£14.00 per hour.

  • Pricing depends upon location, frequency of service, type of cleaning.

  • All services are invoiced monthly with 30 days credit as standard.

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Healthcare Medical Cleaning Wolverhampton Cleanoffice.co.uk


Effective Cleaning Services During COVID-19
  • Our cleaners are COVID-19 screened before they enter customer sites

  • Our standard cleaning equipment has been upgraded to ensure its effectiveness against COVID-19

  • Our COVID-19 de-contamination deep cleaning teams are ready to perform deep cleans if you have a confirmed case within your workplace.

  • We offer flexible cleaning contracts so services can be scaled up or down dependant on the latest lockdown laws.

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